What Makes Us Different

Aligned Incentives

The Alpha team invests alongside our partners with significant amounts of our own capital. Currently, the team and their families represent over $60 million of commitments. Our goal is to find or create investment opportunities with the best risk/reward profile to invest our capital and share with our partners. We believe this creates alignment with our investors to pursue outsized returns with prudent risk management.

Flexible Partnership Structure

Our investor partners benefit from investing via a limited partnership (LP) structure with the unique feature of being fully customizable for each investor. We work together with our partners to build a customized alternatives portfolio that suits their needs. We also believe it makes life simpler for our partners. There’s only one set of subscription documents, one monthly statement, and one K-1 that will cover all investments with Satori Alpha. Further, by holding all of the investments in a single entity, investors can gain significant benefits such as more favorable fees, “netting of investments,” and the opportunity to own a portion of the underlying investment funds’ General Partner (GP) and management company.

Operating Experience

The Alpha principals have built and run multi-billion-dollar alternative investment firms. This experience informs our due diligence process as well as how we monitor and manage our investment. Because of our experience, the managers of our underlying investments seek out deeper partnerships which result in better transparency and service to all of our stakeholders.

Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable business practices involve taking a long-term perspective and focusing on creating value for all stakeholders involved in an enterprise. Our investment process combines rigorous quantitative and operational analysis with an equally rigorous qualitative analysis. Specifically, we look closely at how an investment manager relates to all of its stakeholders: employees, investors, service providers to understand their personal values and purpose. This additional layer of analysis gives us added insight into the quality of a firm’s management and culture and enables us to better identify a fund’s risks and potential to generate sustainable outsized returns.